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Newborn Sleep Webinar

Let me tell you why this webinar changed the way I felt about being a new mom...

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Why this information can change you

My story, where it al started...


Yeah, that is me in the picture! I was so tired, but I was at peace and happy about how and why I was doing things. 

I don't remember what happened the first months when I had my first child; it was all a blur. I knew nothing about babies' sleep, and it was also a good thing (ignorance is bliss, right?).

But... it did take a toll on me once she turned 2, and her sleep habits were all over the place. I knew that the fact that I didn't set a healthy sleep foundation might have something to do with it.

After starting my sleep coaching journey, I decided it would be different with my second child, and that doesn't mean that I sleep-trained him on day one (I have never sleep-trained him!).

What I did:

  • Follow his sleepy cues

  • Enjoy cuddling and contact napping

  • Work with his internal clock

  • Build a schedule not just for him but for me too

  • Introduce some pre-sleep coaching strategies when he was capable and I was ready.

After the Newborn Webinar you will feel...


Good about yourself

Ready to tackle sleep challenges

What you'll get

60 min live webinar

30 mins Q&A

Printables guides

Facebook support group

Monthly q&a

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