I´m Veronica


Certified Gentle Sleep Coach, psychologist and mom of my 3 year old, Renata. I decided to start LullaBy Veronica after I noticed all the positive changes in Renata when she started sleeping better. Her “terrible twos” were still terrible, but at least she was well-rested and so was I.

I tried everything friends and family recommended and what I read online (google it’s always a good idea, right?). Lettuce baths, essential oils, all kinds of baby music, holding her, rocking her, lying down with her, standing up, sitting down… EVERYTHING.

After I found a method that I could relate to, we started the training. The process was not easy, and I didn’t see a change from day one, we tried, we had patience, tried some more, and had more patience. In the end, it was about finding the perfect mix for Renata, considering her needs and preferences, and what we as parents felt comfortable.


I work


While we are working together, the most important thing for me is listening to you as a parent, what do you want to achieve and how do you want to do it? There is no magic answer, each baby and family is unique.

I also like to keep in mind that we are teaching a new skill, and we might make mistakes, get frustrated, and lose our patience. That’s why consistency and commitment from the parents are essential for success. And I´ll be there by your side reminding you why you are doing this.

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about this method

What  I Like

The result! For me, there is a before and after. The ‘new Renata’ (as I like to call her after the training) was less fussy, she was eating better and was in a much better mood… and so was I!

She sleeps in her own bed

It is a flexible method, we can make changes along the way if you do not feel comfortable.




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