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you deserve better sleep too

What is happening to me?

Do you feel like every little thing happening with your baby or toddler is very challenging and hard to solve? Or that you snap very quickly at accidents or meltdowns?

You are not alone; most parents who suffer from sleep deprivation experience irritability, moodiness, and poor frustration tolerance. Also, not sleeping enough affects your ability to plan and problem-solve. (That explains a lot, right?)

And yes, being a parent is hard, but your baby deserves your best self, the healthy you so that you can both thrive! Gentle Sleep Coaching is all about teaching you the techniques to help your little one have better sleep.  

How can I help?


Private Coaching

One-on-one coaching services for parents who want to teach their little ones healthy sleep habits.

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Learning Center

Masterclasses, workshops, online courses, and DIY guides for parents that like to learn on their own.

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For companies

Give your employees the benefit of sleep through online and in-person classes.

About me

My name is Veronica

I'm a mom, psychologist, sleep coach, and entrepreneur and I'm here to help you be your best self by guiding you through your baby's sleep challenges.


What other parents are saying

Tina, Gabrielle's mom 
(18 months) 

“Thanks for all your help, you have really made this process (that I was dreading) completely easy and stress free”  

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