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Favorite sleep-related products for your baby

When I was getting ready to be a first-time mom, some of my mom friends shared their baby lists with me, I start buying what I think I needed, what I liked, and what was in my budget. I remember some things I didn't use, some I used a lot that I had to buy more, and some more things I bought along the way.

I don't remember buying or even considering any of the products that I know now help my baby sleep, so, now that I'm expecting a second baby (baby boy due July), these are some products I'm considering. Some of them you might not need right away, but it is always good to have them in mind.

Most of these products are available on Amazon, but depending on where you live, there are also local options (#shoplocal) or store brought that you can go and test or see them by yourself.

Portable white noise machine

You use this since they are newborns, especially if you have older kids because naps will be on the go. You can put this portable machine in the stroller and give it the chance to take a better and longer nap.

As they grow older and naps become consolidated you can also take it when taking a nap on the go, stroller, car, your mom's house, etc.

You can get it here

Hatch Baby (Sound machine, night light, and toddler clock)

Not buying this is what I regret most, I tough it was too expensive, but knowing that you will use it from newborn to toddler makes the difference.

When your baby is a newborn, the sound machine and night lights work perfectly for the middle of the night feedings, and as your baby grows older, you can use it as a toddler clock to signal your baby when it's time to wake up. You can buy the sound machine, night light, and toddler clock separately and you will be spending almost the same. Get it here.

Car Seat Cover

Also a good option for on-the-go naps. If your baby is going to be sleeping in the car or during activities you have to take your older ones, this cover helps you set the mood. Use this and the portable white noise machine and naps will be longer and better.

The great thing is that you can find different colors and patterns and it also works as a nursing cover.

Find it here.


Not all babies love the swaddle, but if yours does, it is better to have an option that helps you do it faster, especially in the middle of the night after a few nights of not sleeping well, right?

There are plenty of options, with velcro, with zipper, etc. I find this very useful because it also leaves free space for your baby's legs to move freely. Find some options here.


After your baby outgrows the swaddle (around 4 months), you can start using a sleep sack, this helps your baby stay warm during the night.

For toddlers who love to climb the crib, being in a sleep sack holds them by limiting the movement of their legs (even though there are toddlers that can still climb); this way you can keep your little one in the crib longer until he is actually ready to change to the big kid bed. More on the big kid bed here.

You can find different patterns and styles here.

Portable Black Outs

You can take this on a trip in your luggage or if he is just spending the night at grandma's. It is very common that not every place has blackouts, and remember creating a nice mood for your baby to sleep will help him sleep longer and have a better rest.

Find some options here.

Share with everyone in the comments below if you have any favorite product to help your baby sleep.

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