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How to adjust your kid's schedule for Back-To-School?

Waking up, making breakfast, packing lunches, running around the house to get kids out just in time while making sure your baby is napping (at least that's how my mornings are going to be like now).

If your kid's schedule is all over the place, you are just in time to work on getting back on track. Here are two options on how to do it.

Option 1. Go cold turkey

Start this process in the morning; it doesn't matter at what time they went to bed the night before, just wake them up at the time you will be waking them on a regular school day.

Start bedtime at an appropriate time for them, the regular time you would do on school days. Remember a calm bedtime routine and help them if they are having a hard time falling asleep.

Option 2. Do it gradually.

Shift bedtime in 30 mins increments. For how long? As many days as needed, every kid is different, some kids need 2 days, others more than a week. Do it until you reach the appropriate time your little one needs to be asleep.

Not sure what an appropriate bedtime for your kid is? Here are some recommendations from the AAP:

  • 3 to 5 years: 10 to 13 hours daily

  • 6 to 12 years: 9 to 12 hours daily

*These are just an average; your kid might be on the low or high end, you need to watch your kid in order to determine how much she needs.

Do the math, determine what time you need your kid to be awake, and count the hours backward. For example, if your 5-year-old needs 11 hours of sleep and needs to be awake by 6:30 am, then her bedtime would be 7:30 pm.

Other things that might help...

Besides working on getting their schedule back on track, have in mind these can help your kid (and you) have a better night's sleep:

  1. Establish a soothing nighttime routine.

  2. Go outside and get some sun during the day.

  3. Make sure your kid is doing enough physical activity.

  4. Have a morning routine and practice it before their first day.

Remember sleep is essential for your kid to have a good performance at school, make it a priority for both of you!


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