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Finding your Dream Sleep Coach

Sleep Coaching Session

Finding a sleep coach is kind of a big deal. Sure, it can be as easy as your friend saying, "Hey, I know this awesome sleep coach!" But let's be real, just because they worked wonders for your friend doesn't guarantee they'll click with you.

Most sleep coaches, myself included, offer a discovery call or a quick 15-minute chat to get to know each other. It's like a mini coffee date but with sleep talk! ☕ During this chat, I throw in a few questions to figure out if sleep coaching is what you're really after and if we're a good match.

I always kick it off with, "What's your dream scenario for sleep?" because that tells me if I'm the right fit.

Here are some cool questions you can throw out during these chats:

  • What's your sleep coaching mojo? 💤

  • How does your method vibe with soothing or responding to my little one? 🌙

  • How long before I see some sleep magic? ⏰

  • Any chance this won't work, and why? ❓

  • How often will we chat, and when can I expect a response? 🗓️

Remember, it's totally okay to say, "Nah, not feeling it," if you're not vibing with a sleep coach's style. The secret sauce is sticking with what feels right for you.

No matter who you choose or what method you go with, staying consistent is key to unlocking that independent sleep magic. ✨

Don't be shy to kick off this journey! And when you're hunting for a sleep coach, dip your toes into their world with freebies, newsletters, webinars, or whatever else they offer. It's like a sneak peek into how they roll.

If you're curious about my sleep coaching style, I've got an epic FREE masterclass coming up. Sign up here! We'll dive into crafting a rock-solid sleep foundation—seriously, it's a game-changer! 🚀

And hey, if you want the full scoop on what I offer, check out more about my services here!

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