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FOUR tools to help your toddler have better sleep

If your little one was already sleeping through the night and when they are about to turn two you start experiencing new problems: YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Toddlers start testing our limits, and they say no to everything you ask.

Here are four tools I've talked about before; use any of these tools to have a more pleasant bedtime.

Get to know his sleep needs

Toddlers are so good at pretending they are not tired that we believe them; having in mind their needs can help you have a starting point; remember every kid is different, and it might take a while to find the perfect combo for your little one. For example, a 3-year-old can have no nap and sleep 11 uninterrupted hrs at night, while another kid the same age might still nap for 1 hour and sleep 11 hrs at night. Trial and error will be necessary when trying to figure out a new schedule for your little one.

Sleep manners chart

Works like a sticker or rewards chart to help your toddler understand exactly what is expected from him during bedtime.

Routine chart

This tool helps you be consistent and also your little one to have a visual representation of what is about to happen. Toddlers love to feel they have some kind of control.

Dream Cards

These work for anxious toddlers or kids that are afraid of being left alone. Sometimes this happens just because they are afraid of the dark, or because when being left alone they start thinking about "scary" things like something they watched during the day on the TV. If they have nightmares, they might also be scared of having the same nightmare again.


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