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Getting Dads Involved in Bedtime: Why It's Important and How to Make It Happen

Dad and baby bonding

Are you a mom who's always been the go-to person for bedtime routines? It's a common scenario for many families, but here's the thing: dads can rock bedtime too! In this blog post, we'll dive into why getting dads involved in bedtime is crucial and share practical tips on how to make it happen smoothly.

For years, I was the only one who could put my daughter down for bedtime. The same pattern started with my second child, but I decided to make a few changes.

Between you and me... I also kind of miss it! However, I feel more free now. I used to feel guilty if I needed or wanted to go out because I knew bedtime would be a disaster.

Spoiler alert: it was never a disaster; they managed quite well.

Why Getting Dads Involved Matters

Firstly, involving dads in bedtime routines promotes bonding between father and child. It's an opportunity for dads to create special moments and develop a strong connection with their little ones. This bonding time is invaluable for both dad and child's emotional well-being.

Secondly, sharing bedtime responsibilities reduces the burden on moms. Parenthood is a team effort, and when both parents are actively involved, it eases the load and fosters a sense of equality in parenting roles.

Lastly, it empowers dads to feel confident and capable in their parenting skills. By taking on bedtime tasks, dads gain hands-on experience and build a deeper understanding of their child's needs and routines.

Tips for Getting Dads Involved

  1. Start Gradually: Begin by inviting dad to observe your bedtime routine. This gives him insight into the process and builds confidence.

  2. Hand Over Tasks: After a few nights of observation, let dad take on a few bedtime tasks. Start with simple ones like reading a bedtime story or helping with pajamas.

  3. Give Space: Sometimes, both dad and child need space to figure out their unique bedtime routine. Consider stepping back and letting them develop their special bedtime groove. Some moms even leave the house during bedtime routine to let them do it.

  4. Stay consistent: Once you start, try to do it daily or every other day. If you have older siblings it's a great way of having one one-on-one time with each kid.

Getting dads involved in bedtime is not just about sharing responsibilities; it's about building stronger family bonds and empowering dads in their parenting journey. By following these tips and fostering a supportive environment, bedtime can become a cherished time for both dad and child.

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