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Why I Don’t Work with the Cry It Out Method

crying and sleep training

I want to start by saying that once, before becoming a sleep coach, I used the Cry It Out method for my 6-month-old daughter. I had no idea what I was doing; I just went online, read a few articles, and came up with the idea that it was the only option. It wasn't that bad—she cried for a bit and then she was fine.

But later, I realized neither she nor I learned anything about sleep.

A few months later, I worked with a sleep coach and focused on healthy sleep habits. I had to sleep train her again because, honestly, what we did in the beginning wasn’t really sleep training.

I don’t think babies shouldn’t cry. I always tell my clients that crying is a normal part of their development and it’s the only way they can communicate and say things like, “Mom, this is too hard,” or “Mom, I don’t like change” (I mean, I’m an adult and I still struggle and sometimes cry with change).

But I do believe that babies should not be left alone to cry until they figure something out on their own without us, their caregivers. They should always feel us close and be reassured that we are there to support them, even when things get hard. Isn’t this life? Even with older kids, they will cry because things will get tough, and we will always be by their side.

I don’t work with the Cry It Out method because I wouldn’t do it again with my own kids. The whole point of LullaBy Veronica and my coaching is to make you feel empowered and ready, to give you the tools and knowledge to feel and be your best version.

So, What is My Approach insted of the Cry it Out?

My approach is based on teaching your baby how to sleep independently with two key principles: gentle and gradual, and empowering.

Gentle and Gradual: I will teach you sleep coaching strategies to go from point A to point B with a few steps in between. We will do some trial and error, observe how your baby responds, and most importantly, see how you feel. It might take longer, yes, but it will probably make you feel better and you will learn more about yourself and your baby.

Empowering: I want you to know why things are happening. I don’t want you to do things just because I’m saying it and because I’m certified and experienced. I want you to understand where this is all coming from. This will help you stay consistent, pivot, and be able to overcome whatever sleep challenges come your way.

If you want to know more about my approach and how we can work together, let’s set up a 15-minute call and chat! I would love to know more about your sleep goals and figure out a way we can work together.

You can send an email to or request a free call on my website here.

Sleep tight!



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